Take me out to the ballgame

Shivani Gupta, Reporter

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Shivani Gupta

The AT&T Park jumbotron filled with advertisements reading Coors Light, Adobe and PlayStation. The black and orange flags atop it proudly wave back and forth with the wind, each representing a year the San Francisco Giants won a championship.

As the Giants players line up for batting practice, visitors start to pile on the field to watch this group of nationally-renowned men get ready to play a game against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Adults and young children are dressed up in jerseys of their favorite players, holding balls and pens in hopes of getting them signed.

On the left of the field, there is a large, lit-up Coca Cola bottle which is not only a decorative ad, but also for young children to slide on. Beside it, a miniature baseball field for kids to play on and on the other side, a large catching glove.

As our group of young journalists starts to head up the stands, the view of the bay becomes larger, and the field looks smaller. The breeze picks up and the number of boats on the bay increasingly fades. We sit together and disperse into the almost 42,000 seat arena until the commencement of the game.  

Fans and visitors trickle into the stadium, some in Giants’ uniforms and others in Cardinals’. As it gets closer to the 7:1

5 p.m. first pitch, the stands begin to get more intense. The Giants fans around us look onto the field, some of them with snacks, some with drinks and some with both.

Although the game is in San Francisco, fans of the St. Louis Cardinals pop up in small red blurbs in every section of the stands, and as the team is introduced, small, but powerful cheers came from all around the stadium.

With San Francisco being the home of the Giants, the team and game organizers prepared a video to introduce each individual player in the starting line-up, with music playing and fans cheering throughout the stadium.

The game begins and the first 

pitch ends in the favor of the Cardinals. As the game continues, strikes, outs and fouls occur, and a total of five points are scored, three on the Giants side and two on the Cardinals.

With the spirit of the Giants fans in the stands during each pitch with the Giants, each base run, and each point, the Giants end the game with a winning score of 3-2.

Throughout the game, star players of the Giants and Cardinals team bring fans to their feet throughout the stadium, such as Pablo Sandoval of the Giants, and Matt Carpenter of the Cardinals.

Players like Sandoval and Carpenter are essential to both teams in terms of bringing them to a win and increasing the competition against other teams. The dedication that both players have to their teams makes it even more exciting for fans to come watch the game live: They get to see and feel the emotional connection players have to the game.

By the end of the game, although it is late at night, Giants fans leave the stadium fairly pleased, as the team wins with a final score of 3-2 against the St. Louis Cardinals.

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